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Sounds your baby will make


Your baby’s breathing may seem much lighter than yours at times it may be irregular or fast and noisy, and he tries to draw air though his small nasal passages. You might not always hear breathing at first, but it’ll get stronger every day.

Light stimulates the nerves to your baby’s nose as well as his eyes, and bright lights may make him sneeze. A sneeze will clear out his nasal passages, and stop dust getting into his lungs. Don’t worry when your baby sneezes it’s quite common and it doesn’t mean he has a cold.

Your baby may hiccup often and this is perfectly normal. Hiccups can be caused when the diaphragm makes sudden, irregular contractions. They’re a sign that the muscle used in breathing is getting stronger, and is trying to work together.

A newborn baby’s reflex
All babies have certain automatic movements- reflex-which help them protect themselves. They usually last until about three months and then stop. For example, your baby will close her eyes if you touch his eyelids. All babies have a strong sucking reflex if you press the pallet in the mouth. Babies are born with the swallowing reflex they’ve had to use it when swallowing fluids in the womb, so they can swallow colostrums or milk the instant they are born.

Moro reflex
If your baby’s startled, he’ll throw out his arms and legs as if to catch hold of something. His limbs will then slowly curl inwards, with clenched fists.

Rooting reflex
Your baby will search for your breast to feed. Gently stroke his cheek and he’ll turn in that direction and open his mouth.