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Ten Essentials for you!

  1. Support your partner as much as you can both before and after the birth.
  2. Attend all hospital appointments, both pre natal and antenatal.
  3. Prepare yourself as much as you can in terms of practical skills such as feeding, changing an bathing baby.
  4. Remember how important you are to your child’s growth and development.
  5. Bonding with your baby is important, spend as much time as you can with your baby so that you can get as close to them as early as possible.
  6. Decide what kind of father you want to be and get involved!
  7. Communicate with the mother of your child, be prepared to compromise.
  8. Your midwife will be very important during and after the birth, communicate with and make a friend of her.
  9. Expect change, it’s inevitable, embrace it!
  10. Enjoy being a father!