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You and your baby

Mat and Aiva 1Spending time holding your baby, and talking to them will help develop your bond in no time, remember that it’s not who you are it’s what you do, many fathers stand back and are reluctant to get involved under the assumption that mother and baby have a natural bond, don’t be one of them!

Bonding with your baby-to-be
It’s never too early to start bonding with your baby. Babies can hear sounds outside the womb by five or six months. If you talk to your baby, he’ll get to know your voice even before he’s born – in fact, he’ll be able to hear your low-pitched voice more clearly than his mother’s.




To help you bond with your baby:

  • Gently massage your partner’s tummy and feel your baby move.
  • Talk and coo softly to your baby, and kiss and nuzzle him through your partner’s skin.
  • Listen to your baby’s heartbeat. A cardboard tube, such as the inner tube of a toilet roll, can make a good amplifier.
  • Go to ultrasound scans with your partner and watch your baby develop.
  • Read as much about pregnancy and birth as you can so you can talk things over together.
  • Talk over names for your baby together – this gives your unborn baby a personality and you can start relating to him.
  • Check the dates of antenatal classes and talks on childbirth and plan ahead so you can go too.
  • If you really want to know how your partner feels, find out about the Empathy Belly – a device that you can wear, which mimics many of the physical changes of pregnancy.